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Our Vision

Our Vision – To enhance the wellbeing of our customers, employees, locality & community, in the most environmentally sustainable way possible, through the development of an inspirational woodland hideaway which collaborates with local partners.

Drumhierny Woodland Hideaway is owned by true country people, living locally, all of whom are emotionally, physically & personally invested in securing the estate for future generations while collaborating with and developing working relationships to enrich the local community and environment . As part of our long term vision we see 4 phases to full realisation of the estates potential:

Phase 1

  • Creation of 5km of Woodland paths & trails
  • Development of 16 Woodland Lodges
  • Implementation of a woodland management plan
  • Commencing a tree planting campaign
  • Development of an outdoor Wellbeing Sanctuary, Café & Seating/Relaxation area

Phase 2

  • Development of the original Coach House to feature
  • Reception area
  • Visitor & historical centre
  • Meeting/Event area
  • Building of a further 10 Woodland Lodges

Phase 3

  • Creation of a Wedding & Event area
  • Further development of trails & paths

Phase 4

  • Extensive restoration of the original Estate Manor House

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The Magic of Nature

Drumhierny Woodland Hideaway Estate is predominantly covered by forest and woodlands with both broadleaf and conifer trees growing within the grounds but the highlight of our Estate is most definitely an ancient area of protected oak woodland which is extremely rare in Ireland. This is located over-looking both the Shannon Blueway & The River Shannon and can be reached via The Woodland Trail.

The enhancement and protection of this natural habitat with majestic trees, natural walks and diverse eco-systems will provide a place of natural beauty for all visitors to the locality. We aim to rejuvenate, encourage and maintain these natural habitats, securing the estate for generations to come as we recognize that commerciality and the environment need to work hand in hand.

The team have gone to great lengths to salvage naturally fallen hard & soft wood timber from around the Estate which you will see exhibited through interior elements of our unique and luxurious lodges as well as in the seating areas around the outdoor firepits. We are committed to sustainable forest management & run an extensive tree planting campaign to off set our carbon footprint as much as possible.

Disconnect & Reconnect

Our mission is to help you achieve a state of wellbeing (often quite simply the ‘Disconnect/Reconnect’) by engaging with all the estate has to offer, while regenerating our locality with sustainability in mind - right here in Leitrim.

The pace and strain of our world can leave an ever increasing pressure. Pressure to succeed, to compare, to obtain, to do more, to be better, to always be online and available. At Drumhierny Woodland Hideaway we believe that it is time to simplify, to disconnect from our daily lives while reconnecting with ourselves, our loved ones & nature. Discover the authenticity that nature has to offer. Interact on a meaningful level with friends and family. Detox oneself from hectic reality. Slow down and kick stress and anxiety to the curb in our unique woodland hideaway nestled in Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands.

We want to educate our visitors to embrace our vision and philosophies for generations to come.

Drumhierny Woodland Hideaway recognizes the importance of regenerative tourism and culture, taking a holistic approach to wellbeing and the entire ecosystem in which we live. We envision nature at the heart of our society, therefore, the policy of our brand aims for thorough nature conservation in the creation of our onsite facilities while encompassing sustainability in the use of this natural asset. Our aim is to enhance tourism in the locality while simultaneously enriching the local community.

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